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Encouraging Educating Empowering Women

About Dorcas Widows Project

About Dorcas Widows Project

This is a project that aims at addressing the needs of neglected and abandoned widows in our society by helping in providing necessary basic needs, impart entrepreneurial business ideas that they can use to get income and alleviate poverty in their communities. Also it aims at imparting the Good news of the Gospel to mend their broken hearts and help them deal with their heartbreak and sadness that might have resulted from them loosing their spouses.
Giving Hope to the Widows

Giving Hope to the Widows

We are amazed
Project Dorcas has impacted and changed the lives of over 86 widowed women in kikatiti
Inspiring creativity in Women
to make beautiful bracelets crafted from colourful beads portraying African decorative pieces
Let us work Together

Let us work Together

in empowering widowed women in Tanzania
working together